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Six Real-World Case Studies of People Who Received Coaching on How to Launch-It-Lean

"Camille's program gave me an easy to follow roadmap that showed me the specific things to focus on which helped me generate income sooner than if I'd tried on my own. Instead of dread, I now look forward to waking up each day and working on my business."

- Ruth Generke, Animal Massage and Energy Therapist at Animal Touch

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Camille Attell, Remote Business Coach
Camille Attell, Remote Business Coach

Hi! I'm Coach Camille.

I spent twenty years as a corporate trainer helping hundreds of people land jobs, develop skills and get promotions and raises. Additionally, with a master's degree in counseling psychology, I've coached people on how to maximize their talents and build confidence in their abilities.

I've been working remotely part-time for over a decade. In 2016, I finally pulled the plug and walked away from my corporate job to work and travel full-time from my RV. Since then, I've experimented with over 12 different remote jobs and business ideas to test the right fit for me. Today, I run a thriving fully remote coaching and digital course business.

I understand firsthand what it's like to let go of security to pursue a life filled with more meaning, flexibility and freedom.

I can help you do the same.

"Camille has this ability to see you. Like the real you. The part that you know is there, but you hide because you don’t think anyone else sees it. I worked with Camille to talk strategy and make sure I was on the right path, but instead I received a description of the unique gift I am offering to the world. Beyond strategy, beyond next steps, I received confirmation that my business was beyond technical skill and a good website, but all heart, all truth, and a vision of changing lives. Camille will get you beyond sales funnels and email lists and to the heart of what you bring to this world and how to bring it to your business."

- Jessica, Videographer and Visual StoryTeller, Marie Films

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